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Server Rules & Seeding Rules

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The Pack | TF88 [ASC]


General Server Rules:

NO CAMPING MAIN EVER. It deters play. You will be kicked with a warning, you may be able to join back within 5 minutes. Admins are allowed to kicked based on keeping the server in balance.

-Intentionally team killing leads to permanent ban.
-Act like an adult and be a player people want to play with.
-Squad leaders must have a mic and communicate with the other squad leaders in English.
-Squad leaders must contribute towards objectives in the game and actively play together with the team.
-Squad leaders must lead and manage their squads.
-You must have a pronounceable username that contains Latin alphabet letters.
-Radio placement MUST be agreed upon by other squad leaders prior to placement.
-Defending squads have priority on where the radio will be placed.
-No locked squads unless stated clearly the Squads intentions (ie. Mortar, Logistical, Vehicle Hit Squad)
-Never leave vehicles unattended anywhere else except at your main-base or at an active ally FOB. (Being killed out of them is different)
-Logistics trucks must be occupied or left at main or next to an ally FOB. Do not abandon them.
-No blocking team spawns with vehicles, blown up or not.
-Squad Leaders must coordinate with each other over the vehicles at their disposal.
-Admins may implement special rules at the start of matches. Said rules will clearly be broadcast.

Seeding/Server Pop Rules:

-No vehicles other than Logistical Trucks.
-Each team caps up to the middle objective.
-The middle objective is where both teams are permitted to fight over.
-Each team's previous points are where both teams will place their FOBs and HABs.
Ex....   US ---- Obj.1 ---- Obj.2 ---- Obj.3 ---- Obj.4 ---- Obj.5 ---- RUS
EX.... The US Caps 1+2 and places FOB on 2. The RUS Caps 5+4 and places FOB on 4. Both teams may fight over 3.
-No mortars.
-Everything will go LIVE once the match is even at 20v20. (Standard rules apply)

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