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    TF88 1st Anniversary Event Ideas

    An event where it is mostly the pack vs another clan/group within ASC. Given that the numbers might be a little shy, we could team up with another smaller group. An epic map that is Insurgents/British or US/Russia so the optics are equal. We all play one round as Insurgents vs British, then at the end of the round, those who were Insurgents are now British and vice versa. Or swap them for USA/Russia. Whatever you guys want. I think it would build comradery in our own pack and among other groups as well. It wouldn't be a PUG (Pick Up Group) where you have a bunch of Randoms, but actually lead to squad leaders communicating and working together. The issue would be to find an ideal time for all players. I don't think getting other groups from ASC would be much of an issue. It might actually start some sort of weekly/monthly event that all of the groups can look forward to.